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…and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

On the eve of Thanksgiving I was going to post some things I am thankful for. On second thought, it’s also  the eve of a depressing time  for many, who are trying to cope with any kind of loss.

Drinking coffee at Peets,  hubby started reading the Sacramento Bee of Sunday, Nov. 16.  I became intrigued, and got the whole story for myself.

In short, the police were on a man hunt of a couple accused of having  shot 4 people and killed two cops.  In this chase with dozens of police, armored vehicles and helicopters, they went into a house to seek for cover.




Click on image to get the intro of the story. The second pic is the official announcement that this house had been tear gassed.


The owners of the house, a retired couple, were away for the weekend, but the brother was home in the basement. He fled and told the police. They deployed teargas, shot 8 windows, and all their belongings are destroyed.

A cleaning crew  went through every item in the home to determine if it could be salvaged.  Since then the couple lives in their 25 foot trailer at the edge of their property because of the residual fumes of the tear gas.

What if this had been you?

By no fault of their own they suddenly lost their whole history, except for the skeleton of the house. First their insurance didn’t want to pay – now they pay part. The county pays part. The silver lining is that all kinds of people have stepped up to give donations, food, etc. Because the two cops were killed the owner doesn’t see himself as a victim. He sure does more than surviving!



FadingFlowerBow07 536 copy

a faded rose on my table


 No matter where you are at in life, your age or gender, what job you hold, what relationships you have, which house or room you call your own, there are two ways

one is survival
the other is blooming

When we only see clouds above us, we sometimes forget that the sky is blue and that the sun is shining behind the clouds. Especially when those clouds have not moved in years.



Managing to bloom in rock and triple digit heat

(Modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF)


Am I just surviving or existing, or am I blooming?
Do I need courage to face my fears, anger, failure, passivity, or depressed attitude so I can bloom?
There’s no shame – it’s the smart thing to do to get help.

Get good help (note: not medication – it only covers up the problem and delays the restoration of yourself).
Not someone who tells you what you want to hear. Good help may take time and can be very painful or expensive. Because you may have been living with lies all these years,  the lies have become your friends.



Fall Rain_2946


You may have to hold on very tightly, not to slip into the blues nostalgia  seeing the leaves yellowing, falling off, turning brown and paper thin. It  may make you feel like you’re on a slippery slope and sink in a hole too deep to pull yourself out.





The storm left her bereft of leaves, but immovable






Grit your teeth if you have to, but be determined to make it through below zero and snow in the winter. That’s endurance.


A daily recipe. Eat, drink, sleep, and dream HOPE


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Below are some of the ingredients for
wisdom”  – I deleted the word success, because right away I caught some followers  putting me as another number  on their list of social media  …  but I want to be on a list of friends!  -

continuing my sentence – if you like to advance and become the best …  chef, sculptor, CEO, scientist, or whatever you like to become
when you grow up.
( If you say “I’m just a mom or grandmother - you ARE an educator!)


…To Process … will help you



(Modified) for Mandarin Orange & Orange TGIF

To “process” any detail on the progress of treatment is the hub of the wheel of therapy – the art of helping people – according certain set rules given by the Am. Psychological Assoc.

It’s  expected that a therapist her(him)self keeps track of processing her/his own  development, attitudes, etc. in
coming along side of the client/patient to
give them a new structure and apply the changes they need ( compare it to giving them a new psychological and emotional skeleton).



jouranl_2877 copy

Watercolor, 9 x 12 inch ,  Journal,  St Germain  I painted this (without the lettering) for a women’s retreat

Journaling slows one down enough to see a situation or a relationship from more than one angle, or to discover hidden feelings or motives

You would be surprised how clear things become by  journaling. I may not be able to change a situation, or a person, but I certainly can change things into a more acceptable frame work for myself.

I also journal about the subjects I paint!
In the busyness of the move and adjustment  to the new area,
I almost forgot that I had

an Art Show
the weekend before Thanksgiving

Fortunately, the organizers  emailed me last week to remind all the “rules” for this art show in Laguna Niguel.
Am blessed to have a hubby who is handy




in framing or putting canvas in a new frame,
or varnishing the oil paintings I prepped on the table outside

For this group show I went “small.” One 18 x 36 inch called the Poinsettia Tree, and depending what space is available, parts of the Christmas story, all 9 x 12 inches.

It’s going to be a lot of fun.





Driving the lumpy bumpy road
enjoying all the fences and the yellowing leaves
down to Southern California



Click on image for a bigger viewLake_2164







and  looking up at the Oleanders  on the balcony  when we arrive …


Which is/are your most favorite event(s) of the year?

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Fall Business

Cutting trees, drying lines, 10-stitch blanket – it’s all new to me!

Cut Trees_2603


Our first  new job of “gardening”  ( lol)  was to cut off branches and clean the gutters (for our home insurance). This is nothing compared to what we saw down the street. A  scary-hard-hatters tree cutter’s team cutting down giant pines, but it helps our son-in-law did major part of ours.





On my walk to the mailbox (yes, city kids, I walk to the end of the street to get my mail!) I saw this gate, with a sign “Posted,”  and a warning not to trespass. My guess is that Teresa from Run-a-roundranch knows what that means?  Any Takers? It does not have a “For Sale” sign, or the Sign of a Real Estate agent.




Had a gas stove and dryer. My experiment is to see whether I can do it without these two appliances, since at my new house in the mountains everything is electric.  (My daughter thinks electric cooking is the pits and bought a gas stove as soon as she could).






Cropped and modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF


These foldable drying lines above come from Australia – those round holes on each side  are for hangers. Hubby told me that his mom dried clothes outside even when it snowed! Don’t know if I would like to rough it to that degree!
“Did the clothes ever get dry,” I asked doubtfully.  According to him, they eventually did.






Doubting Frowning, “Hope that ant guard will do the job … I don’t think hummingbirds like ants in their food  …”
(now if I could only get my reflections like James from Weekend Reflection, sigh)





Is it gonna be anything?

Well… you start wuth 10 stitches … and end the blanket with 10 stitches
and how do you get around the corner?
glad you asked! If you’re tinerested shows wrapping stitches the best.
For the 10 stitch blanket go to or YouTube.


I you’re not into Knitting, skip this part  and pick up with the Sky pic, but this is my Fall project!


 Am knitting with a double thread

After knitting 18 straight rows of Right Side- knit, Wrong Side -knit (makes one wave or rib), so  9 waves,


you have come to the first half of the mitered corner
On the Right Side wrap * around the 10 stitch, next RS:  wrap around the 9th stitch till you have 2 stitches left.
*to wrap a stitch: bring yarn forward, and wrap it around the next stitch, and bring yarn to the back – and turn your work.
After you turned to Wrong Side of your work, bring your yarn to the back and continue knitting till the end.
This is where I got stuck.
Leave the wrapped stitch alone and turn your work (do not knit the 10th stitch) and knit the rest of the stitches.  Next (Right Side), wrap the 9th stitch, and turn work (now 2 stitches are not knitted), etc.

After you have wrapped 8 stitches the fist half of the mitered corner is done.





the second half of the mitered corner:
Remember you had 2 stitches left. On next RS wrap the 3rd stitch. Continue till you have 10 stitches wrapped. Voila! The beginning of the blanket is the hardest. When you’re through your first mitered corners you have it made:)


Do I have enough Zeal to finish?- when this blanket is done, I’m probably “pinked out”!


 Click on the pic to enlarge!


So much to do – I should not forget to look at the sky!



purple Orchids_5802


 … or to smell the flowers!


Have you started your Christmas prep yet?


BY THE WAY.  wow amazed that most of the 42 comments on my last post, referred to the pumpkin seeds! In recent years I’ve discovered that so many herbs and plants have healing properties. We would be dumb not to make use of it!


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 Now my Post

Where I lived before – in Southern California - Fall is not very visible. Hardly any change in trees and shrubs, only a little bit chillier at night.


redpumpkin (2)


A red & orange one among the whites




The stores will not let us forget it’s  Fall season. Love the variety they have now in pumpkins.

A few years ago I was plagued by sciatiga and carpel tunnel, to the point some suggested a wheel chair. Since my brother is an MD, I knew that doc’s would give me: steroids and I was not about to ingest that, even though it took me 3 hours to make a simple  meal,  and hardly could lift a gallon of milk with both hands when extremely focused. I went on line to look, and I prayed God would give me a solution (because He’s much smarter than my doc degree, lol!).

One morning I woke up with the word pumpkin seeds.
Had no clue they have anti- inflammatory properties. After a few days eating a fist full, the itching and swollen hands, feet, ankles was less.
From I learned that, because of my job as a therapist certain muscles became over-developed and others
under-developed, eventually after so many years of bad posture resulting in pain.
In recent years they’ve discovered the damage of inflammation, next to heart disease. Much has to do with diet and life style.

It took a full year of recovery with exercise and anti-inflammatory food/herbs and prayer. In the beginning I walked virtually every day (1/2 hour) just to be able to get through the day.

But now I can run again, jump, and lift moving boxes with books in them,



SilverLake armsopenwide

SIlver Lake at 7000 feet – great for kayaking!

or spin my 7-Year-old grand son around:) He’s a ham as you can see (I didn’t tell him to stand like this!)





For Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF


A few weeks ago I saw Pumpkin Spice cereal at Trader Joe’s (on right in pic.  For outside the USA – a healthier store than the regular )  and if you like Granola, this is heaven. The pumpkin pancake mix I got for my daughter whose family eats gluten free.




Fall Leaves_1363

For Outdoor Wed.

I choose the most colorful tree in  Fall at the coast of Southern California – around Thanksgiving!




For Sky Watch

Am so jazzed I see every sky and sunset  from my window now I live in the North





For Natures Notes, Blo-Ma, ABC Wed., Floral Fri Foto, Todays Flowers, Weekend Reflection, Pink Saturday, Maleviks Show

You see the heart sideways, on the left of the middle of the flower?


NEVERTHELESS, In California, we are Quite spoiled with having flowers  around the Year.


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A Stroll in Huntington Garden



AHA – I found Theme Twenty Fourteen  which has the comment section  right underneath the title of the post (on top).

Loved the Bushwick theme but the comment section kept disappearing. I just don’t have enough knowledge  about codes to know how to fix it permanently. Thanks to all of you who took it in stride, helped me understand the hieroglyphics of WordPress, and gave a comment per email!

After looking  at XXX  blogs (meaning multiple, lol)  I can still read this font without squinting! This header is a roadside in beautiful Utah (own photo) – somehow it reminds me on chocolate mousse:)

The Huntington  Library in Pasadena is a piece of almost  Paradise with all the variety of  gardens they have developed.





This is part of the Japanese Garden, marked by tranquility and artful forms.
Does a handrail of that little bridge also constitute “a fence”? Hope so:)










Happily swimming in the same pond, the goose and Koi






Not much of a story this week – am letting nature speak for itself, because I have to finish a birthday scarf for my daughter this week.  And I finished it in the wee morning hours on Thursday – yay!) The yarn is “Tweed Stripes” from Lionbrand – a versatile and pretty orange-red-Bordeau yarn – my own stitch design, so the back side is as pretty as the front side. Am blocking it, because it rolls over like a tube.

“Blocking” means stretching it with pins on a bed, and spraying it with water for a day or two



NEVERTHELESS, still a significant moment this week
for on Monday I did what I postponed for years, to become a dot com  :)

   my NEW URL is            - happy, because by the time I came to
wordpress, so many times I  ended up typing




Am not sliding by though without sharing the raddest (same as super cool:)  )   cloud formations when we had high winds last week.
Have a great week all of you!

P.S. The first two shots are hubby’s!



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Changed my tag line to Significant Moments. For there are so many in my life.
Some of these  unspoken.











Parasols between the pillars of a coast line restaurant patio






The coast line atmosphere breathes all is well,  and the freedom to follow one’s own journey.
Freedom  I defend  by refusing to accept any oppression (my own quote, lol)












Modified: brightness. contrast and balance for MOM and OrangeTGF


For the ones who like to learn about cultures, Old Town is the place
of cultural things to see and hear.
Regular Latin dance performances (free!) and here you’ll find authentic Mexican food for a very reasonable price.











There’s plenty of nostalgia around in San Diego. This is the Cookie Company in Sea Port Village.





Looking at the reflection it’s these are the last sun rays of the day that grace the sky. I still had to wait some moments that people weren’t passing this building














For the nature lovers there are flowers in any season. These yellow ones with an Ochre heart. That’s how an artist would describe it.











Coronado Bridge and Coronado island



Some like the busyness, others like the water.


BY THE WAY … if I can figure out how to do a change in URL this week, I’ll shorten it to
I made an attempt last week, but I did it at the wrong location (why is wordpress making it so complicated??) so it was like I didn’t do anything at all.

I’ll give an update whenever it goes through.




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One Saturday Morning






In memory, things blend and fade (like the photos) together
like a dream.
The happy, the messy, the past, the exciting, the fearful, the innocent mingled together (without rhyme or reason).








DarkAir ofAnticipation_2682






this Saturday morning awakens
the air shines with anticipation
I lean against this log fence
while my minds’ eye travels far beyond












What hides behind
this enormous flower door?
three knocks, a fourth, fifth …










The 2mirror_2518




the mirror gleefully decides
which hat and gloves are desired
for this momentous occasion
chuckles arise when Sammy wraps
a  scarf around the birthday girl
with purple sash






First business of the day
Around the table




thebig girls_2519




the big girls just know
how to tackle this job
a card for a friend
full of affection and glitter










perfect rose 266




but before they start Anneli goes off the deck to pick a rose
and puts it on top of Sasha’s braid. “So here – it’s perfect!”


Encouragement from the side lines










 Sammy?   I’ll do the glue, Emily.  A vehement nod.














Such weighty significance
must be interrupted by a thoughtful
cup of tea or delicious strawberry-cucumber drink
with a scrumptious scone or sandwich











No, she’s gonna do it herself! Was I like that, mom?










The back row moms smile and catch up
on the latest in the neighborhood














A second card with as much excitement
as well as more glue and more glitter














The cup cakes patiently wait
till the second card is finished












The desert of the morning unfolds
when one pretty bag after another
is heaped on top
and penned on the list of Thank You’s …
arriving  their destination
when this morning has become
a  memory



AFTERTHOUGHT:  Am thinking about CHANGING (shortening) my URL to  at the end of next week.   But my username will stay the same.



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Not the hills (actually mountains) in the background caught my attention first, but the tree in the foreground.











Posted this tree on my old Blogspot blog, but why I saw this tree uberhaupt, was because I was looking at the hills beyond.




How something damaged can be so beautiful! I love this tree!
It also reminds me how God can love me/us when we are
so imperfect, addicted, bad attitudes,  you name it.








A sharpened the contrast in Photoshop to make it easier to finish the painting,
as well as for Mandarin Orange and Orange Friday




The back row of these hills, so cutely formed like  plum pudding! I immediately knew I wanted to paint this view.

Every time I started painting though,  the sky darkened and the wind got colder, just before big raindrops fell on my watercolor paper for the daily shower.







Utah Sky_3189


The sky became much darker than this (that’s when  a painter protects her painting, instead of grabbing the camera, lol)
Within 15 minutes of rain, temps dropped 30 degrees (I checked the temps  in the car, because shivering Miss Unprepared was in shorts, grabbing anything to cover herself). There’s nothing Moderate about Utah!



Eventually I did get the view on paper. Am jazzed when kids of elementary school age keep looking. To them I’m just any other old woman, so my painting must intrigue them.

One time 2 little girls stopped and kept quietly standing behind me (when are little girls quiet??).   I asked them where they were from (I heard them talking in something like German, but not quite…?  Later on I discovered it was a dialect).
I could tell they understood me, but they were for a loss of words.


When their dad came, he asked me in perfect English what I wanted to know. After I told him, he asked his girls. When they couldn’t come up with anything, he finally said in German, “Der Schweiz” (which is Switserland). The girls rolled their eyes at their inability to remember the German nor the English word.









Not quite satisfied with how the colors in the pic came out, so this is an approximate of the rendition in watercolor







Little flowers like these can be so hidden, but the one who keeps looking, eventually will grasp the brightness of the treasure.
Like the end of this story.





As follows,

when they left, I overheard the 11 year old say to her 8 year old sister, “So wunderbar, nah?” which means, so wonderful, eh?
That made my day more memorable than if anyone famous would have said that!



Don’t underestimate how your skill (in whatever it is) can make someone else happy!




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For 18+ years we made several 7-hours trips per year from Los Angeles to Sacramento,
to visit our two daughters who now have families of their own.
Seven grand kids, 2 daughters and their spouses make for a lot of birthdays  – not to mention the holidays!





SunsetFenceJune2 258

A blurry drive-by near sunset - see the fence on the bottom-left?

It began to dawn on us we would save money, time and energy  if we didn’t have to do all that traveling, even though we passed by gorgeous landscapes.
Moving seemed to be a good choice. We found out it came also with hurdles adjustments.





Sounds kinda superficial, but one of the hurdles is STUFF

Was glad that we already had “purged” stuff (including one fifth our books,
:(  ),  moving 5 years ago from a 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage and a yard to a 2 bedroom condo and one car garage.
Still though, the real estate agent/broker urged us  to “de-clutter.”







“Moms and Pops have done all the work. Now all we have to do Mallory, is sitting pretty”
“But Pugi …, I AM pretty!”















Then we found out that the stuff was the easiest. Said goodbye to LE BEACH.
The sound of the crashing of the waves.  The wind and color of the water. The rhythm of ebb and flow.
Shells and other gifts the ocean leaves on the beach. the birds, sea lions and other creatures.
Seeing the sun rise or disappear setting in the water.










Goodbye to ARTIST BUDDIES. Love to discover other people’s gifts.
It inspires me! She’s a natural.
This is only her second time that she made a mosaic! If you look closely, she potted (real) plants in the cups  – half sticking out – that are part of the mosaic.
Of course I’ll make new art friends:)










Goodbye to CITY LIFE STYLE  in San Diego.

Afternoon escapes, only 1 1/2 hours away. Sitting in the shade in Old Town enjoying an ice cream while listening to live music from South American artists.

On the way back home  often enjoying the firework of Disney land – for free:)
At home, browsing at the well known South Coast Plaza (mall) – a 10 minute walk from my former condo -  with cool stores like the Container Store, Crate and Barrel, Anthropology, and Barnes and Nobles with magazines for my next knitting project.
Now I have to drive an hour and 15 min. to Sacramento!











Curiously enough the only plant I could get to bloom  on my deck are this kind of potted hydrangeas. All other flowers and plants failed to survive:) (except for the stag horn and cactus). Happy that this one is trying hard to stay with me and bloom in a land climate (hot summers, colder winters) .





BUT …    I gain peace and quiet around my house!  Can grow roses, or fruit trees. Maybe even both! Can sing as loud as I want to, while painting. Even if it would be two in the morning.  Can sit on my deck or balcony without having to have the right clothes on, or people staring. Probably can leave my door open, or leave my bag in the car!



 Hope you caught the TONGUE-IN-CHEEK attitude:)




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What does  -  this cloud  –  look like (I promise I won’t rate you for this question on the Rorschach Inkblot test – simply because it takes oodles of time to make up a “profile”).



On our way to stay overnite for a Saturday morning0 birthday party we saw this awesome cloud.






Holding On_2469





Sunday afternoon at Tiger Creek (fishing) Lake we’re watching our little dare devil closely






HorticulturistFlower 093





Visiting a friend. Come to find out that her brother is a horticulturist. No wonder, these plants and flowers I also saw in a botanical garden nearby. Of course I forgot the name of the flower, but nonetheless stunningly beautiful!






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Significant Moments


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