Tiny details can make big impact! Even this post is “smaller,” because of Valentine’s weekend, which I will post on Sat.,  as well as the memes/challenges of Sat.





The Good: Acorn coming from the Black California Oak in our back yard


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PutShoes On_0664


The adult version of a small detail: when there’s red muddy soil all around, put your shoes on, Peach

For Warm Heart: you see that this little girl LOVES pink. While I was knitting on her sister’s blanket, which is the lavender one below, she looked at me with big eyes and convinced with the most serious voice, “But I get cold and lavender is my most favorite color too!” When I told her mom, we both burst out laughing:)


Back of purple Blanket_4155

This is Mackenzie’s blanket – I like the back of her sister’s blanket even more than the front.
Free pattern of – for Tue Texture








Tiny flowers in the pond with faint reflections of the Chinese Garden in the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA












The door of the Bridge Keeper’s house in Muiden (Holland )is smaller than normal.
The bridge keeper’s job was to put up the bridge for boats who came by, and bring it
back down after they passed. The boats now go another route, so it’s considered old
(Tue Treasure , Trees and bushes, Tue Travel)
Also discovered that there’s a fence kind of hidden on the left and right of the house


PathRed in sky_2654








Even an ever so slight sunset gives me closure.


Which DETAILS do you cling to?




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For a long time I wanted to do this Scavenger Hunt, and this is the perfect time, because can’t drive the car, because of a leak and has to go in the shop – so, I’m home bound for a few days!

Dual or Two

Without a story to tie them together! Drop your jaw …without a story?

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Frosty and Rocky_3445

Frosty and Rocky






Soft and Folded
knitting a scarf for my oldest daughter




Two Candies2696


Dual or Two
for an occasional sweet tooth

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Am thinking about a weekly link for you to join me in 2 or 3 weeks on Mon. or Thurs.? in a meme of SEASONS. Anything seasonal: landscapes, food, weather, festivals or feasts, clothes, animals, etc.. Would  that be to your interest? Let me know. My second choice would be Water (so that includes snow and fog)


BranchinSnow 109

See that orange stick on left bottom? If you look closely, there’s a hole next to it. One funny day we were roaming around here, and I suddenly sank in the snow to my hips. Fortunately hubby was close, because I couldn’t pull myself out! All we could figure out later is that there may have been an pocket of air underneath the surface.

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Fence Son in blue_3472

THE GOOD: On the far right, the little boy has grown to 6’4″ more than 20 years later
from pic below. Love the different textures of dry wood  (Tue Texture)
On left, one of the many fences in Yosemite Nat. Park




THE FUN: Non-digital (Big Bear Lake) two of my 3 imaginative kids (Approx 20 years ago) – always cooking up something

WARM HEART: in the days of graduate school, when stress was super high and funds super low, a paraplegic lawyer and his family, customers of hubby, let us use their two story cabin in Big Bear Lake at 9000 feet several years for free!
I could regroup in winter vacation for the Spring semester.
My kids loved the snow, and this is where I took up painting back up again, after more than 20 years.



Snow RlefectionYose 101

THE RANDOM & Mundane Monday
Stark beauty in Northern Yosemite Nat. Park and
below the old door of a shed in Lucca, Italy For Tue Travel



Door GreenShed_1828



Cherry Bloom_0249

At the same time, not quite 4 1/2 hours S. from Yosemite, along the 5 Freeway several cherry orchards begin to bloom between end of January and mid February.
For Eden Hill’s Friday Hunt: Begin with F – Flower
Favorite of the week: Mine: the first pic –  Your count up till now: snow pics & flower
Negative Space: am taking the interpretation of an artist: everything that is not the subject: that would be the birds’ sky



Birds Yosemite_3376

Chatting birds in W.-Yosemite Nat. Park

Are you sure  Spring is asleep?
(Six Words Sat.)

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After a few weeks, now growing into a few months, we have the wood stove burning with the Dutch antique kettle on. The latter to bring more moisture in the air. Has rained quite a bit last few days, and everywhere around streams of water have appeared at low points between the hills – so pretty and fresh green!

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Everyone in this area on the mountains has a wood stove, added to central heat
I miss the sun. I know – no stamina:)


For Friday Hunt: this photo is a sneak preview of next week’s post (Jan. 29)
Start with E: Sunday Evening
Weeks Favorite Photo of bloggie friends – the kettle and stove (runner up: the quirky house)
Sky: last photo

BranchinSnow 109

We had rain – that means snow in higher elevations. No Snowmageddon, although a new pack of snow last weekend. The only time when it’s trafficky in the weekend when  lines and lines of dirty cars with ski’s and snow boards came back 20 min. from higher up the mountain on Sunday Evening .



Outside Dining_5874








Enjoying outside dining and the texture of these outside dining chairs

and the cheerful White Camellia (Below)


Warm Heart:
One tire of our Mercedes/Dodge work truck Sprinter was (way too early)  at the point of exploding, so hubby needed to buy 2 new tires. Businesses here do everything to keep their customers. When he went to Michelin to buy them, they gave his extra $$ off, by waiting for their truck to transport the exploding tire to be researched by the main store, instead of just sending it:):)








THE RANDOM: The same quirky house in Capistrano with Door, Fence and Reflections once posted on my previous blog, but with a few changes.


Bird on beachSanDiego_5861

THE FUN: This tiny bird with long sharp beak (forgot the name) caught on Southern California beach



Fiery Sky_1125

This background is all sky – missing the sun and the beach!


California’s drought is over for now
(Six Word Sat.)

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In the city most things are “in your face” with defined colors and boundaries. On the country side often things are more subtle or more hidden. People are friendlier in general, and wave or greet when they pass. That does not mean they’re naive. They are very observant, and not afraid to tell you their opinion. Still after one and a half year living in this area, I discover new things. They’re worth “a second look.”

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Bar in Dry Town_4479

THE GOOD: & Tuesday Treasure
Whenever we drive by this bar I smile for two reasons – it’s the most crooked building I’ve seen (am exaggerating), as well as the irony of a bar in Dry Town (there was a time that certain counties were “dry” – meaning no alcohol sold).




THE RANDOM: Try not to give the deer a second look, so they don’t run away, but it’s hard to ignore bambi!

Start with D: Deer
Weeks Favorite:  My favorite was the Drytown Club
Beautiful: Camellia or Bones of a Tree
The Camellia below blooms in California in these first months. Plenty of looks here:)



Camellia PinkPeach_0566



Brown WhiteRocksSilverLake2474

THE FUN: (Tue Texture and Tue Travel) Textural such contrasts, the rough surface of the bottom and the smooth feeling of the water and the grass.

Spending a Sunday at Silver lake, an hour higher up in the mountains, I first only saw the brown stones in front of me, but giving it a second look these intensely white rocks further up!



Two Business doors_4026

Two business doors hidden halfway behind a fence


BareTree LowFence_0190














In Spring everything is a beautiful soft green, but in winter, the bones of the trees make their characteristics and individualistic nature visible – it keeps my camera clicking. and smiling, thinking of never getting enough of drawing trees in my teens (For Warm Heart)

For: Fence, Sky


A Second Look Deserves Much Attention
(Six Words Saturday)


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PinkFlowerWhite heart_0611


As some have hinted at, after the busy and crazy days of the December celebrations,
I too feel the need for contemplation. See where I stand; if my heart is really as white as I think it is. THE GOOD










More than chatting about it with others, I like to gaze at the reflections and see how much my introspection meets up with reality. THE RANDOM



journal WhiteCover_4912

What do I want to happen this year? One of the ways I like to discover this, is to journal.
and read the journal of last year …
Wished I had bought a few of these in Lucca, Italy. I have an Affinity for handmade paper !
THE FUN – Tue Texture – Tue Travel




The Poet_4593

The painting process: originally inspired by a poet who was in the art group (So. Calif). Somehow she stood out to me. In a dream I once saw pieces of paper flying out like this. The size of the feather and the angel looking on, symbolizes the unmistakable inspiration of the Holy Spirit in her work, who gave her an open door.
(Oil 24 x 24 inch, © St Germain) Remember copy right!


WARM HEART: when I had Pink Eye last week, as well as a cold, and a slight burn on my hand, hubby started cooking and doing the dishes, chased me out of the kitchen. ‘t Was nice not to have to worry about having to work around the contagious pink eye and cold!


With this painting I imagine  the possibilities


Door Grachtenhuis277

Doors opening
(16-17th century houses along the canals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
for Tue. Treasures)



Horse Norco Fence 078

Dream of  horses and hills behind the fence

hubby’s first photo trip assignments
this horse was far from Aloof!



Sky Clouds Hills_1283

By all means, don’t let your circumstances minimize or dismiss big dreams. The sky is the limit!

Travel in my mind above clouds
(Six Words Sat.)

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WEEKLY BLURB: The Beginning of the year  – a blank canvas – new choices – new paths –
new preparations – new decisions, but most of all NO FEAR (see previous post).


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SnowTree n Fence_3832

THE GOOD:  Snow on the needles, leaves, and the wires of the fence are stunning.
Snow can be fun, but in any case it’s cold outside




THE RANDOM: Some food tastes better with cold weather. A casserole my Dutch midwife friend made for me, and I got hooked.

Layer from bottom up in 9 x 11 inch baking dish (for 2 people as main dish) :

saute  –  1/2 lb. hamburger meat with 1 big sliced onion
spread  –  sauerkraut (small can, drained) on meat
spread  –  pineapple chunks with 1/2 cup of pineapple juice over previous layers
On top  – mashed (approx.3 big) potatoes

put little chunks of butter on top and sprinkle with crushed unsalted crackers, or Dutch crisp bakes (round biscuits) for a crunch. No Panko bread – need something crunchier. Bake at 350 degr. F for 30 min. and a light crust formed on top



A new thing for us (aka hubby) to tend to is a wood burning stove. For Warm Heart: It reminds me when my parents had a coal stove when I was a little girl, and around Christmas we roasted chestnuts in the ash tray below.
In those years, my brothers’ chore was keeping the coal box filled up. Also, this Thanksgiving day-good I remembered that the top of the stove gets so hot you can cook on it – which we did  when we had a power outage.






For Tuesday Texture: all the transparent vapors going on here!

Am getting used to it now that as soon as we come in our neighborhood to see clouds and smell of the smoke of wood wafting through the air.

Even though the snow fell, we still had a sunset :)

Tuesday Travel & Thurs. Door: (below) is in Old Town Sacramento




Zany Boo with his pup Brodie standing in the right place for my reflection in the kitchen window. They’re patiently waiting until his parents have loaded up the car to go to a place with even more snow!



THE FUN: Am enjoying this winter fun as long as I can, for not too long from now, the Camellia buds will appear (in Southern California they started blooming by our bedroom window at this time). They’re really round like this.


Remembering the wintery glow from Christmas
(Six Word Sat.)

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Oliebol Apple Beignet (right)&liebol

Did you enjoy your Christmas celebrations? Hope you spread around the good cheer to the lonely or sick. If you didn’t, you still have a chance to mean something to someone with New Years Eve or New Years Day. Hubby’s specialty is to make apple beignets and oliebollen (a Dutch treat for this time of year of the same dough with raisins, deep fried in a ball)


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The Path

NO FEAR – Come what may in 2016. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!
Am determined not to let any threat or intimidation
Trying to encroach me
rob me from freedom of joy
on the path designed to follow
Away with you fear and fear mongers
this year is mine



StGermaintDoorLight_3430 copy


of all the doors opening up
welcoming me
choosing the one hand made
created by the Designer
to fit my inner room


White Fence_1562


Life may not be a white picket fence
nice or popular or  easy
but ever effort is
worth the journey


For Warm Heart: when my kids were still living at home, every new year we would each write down the accomplishments  of the year before, as well as what we could have done better. For the new Year we would write out, which goals we would like to reach. Then we would share all these items with each other. These were such memorable times!


XmaswDanielnear W-Entrance_3447




In Yosemite Nat. Park – river with snow near W-entrance


my reflection will not
freeze in fear
or melt
in hot pursuit
when chasing castles
in the sky





The (Tuesday) Texture of oil paint & Tuesday Travel – Bryce Canon, Utah

watch me finish some paintings
revisit every ascent, texture and shadow
hearing the rhythm of horses’ hooves
at the base of the mountain
see the flutter of each leaf or needle
longing to know what the distance breathes
before the last brush stroke
is done

Warm Heart: these significant messy moments are the inspiration for the next painting, not the subject, or how well or badly this one turns out!

Yellowsummer rose












but also I’m going to play
forget about the future’s sorrows
ignoring the politicians antics
whether they’re right or not!
for tomorrow is another day
but today I’m going to play

Join gleefully the NO FEAR year
(Six Words Sat.)

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CHRISTMAS EVE – cannot believe that I woke up to snow, just like at Thanksgiving! But … today also power outage till 4 pm (a driver ran into a power pole and 5000 people were without electricity!). But this week 3 neighbors came by to bring cookies and chocolate, so I’m good:):) Anyone who thinks living in the country is boring, stay with me for a week – it will change your mind!

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Poles of a Fence_0318 THE GOOD: To See the sky gives me a feeling of space and freedom.  Nature is so inspiring! Like a blank canvas – you may add clouds or a sunset, a storm, or a rainbow – somehow it always looks superb.
If you squint, you’ll see the pole on the right side of the fence. Keep going left, and you’ll see the other poles and wire. Sorry, couldn’t get closer!



THE RANDOM: We Had been to Old Town San Diego so many times, but coming out of the coffee and tea shop
never noticed these flowers hanging like this in a tree!
Below, this was hanging in our tree!








For Tuesday Texture & Travel Tuesday &

For Warm Heart: One of the few memories I have from early childhood in Asia, was sitting by the open window in the dark (it was hot), eating my evening meal, close to the Christmas tree. No lights, because outside riots were going on, because of clashes between Islamists and Christians ( history repeating itself), so it was safer to eat in the dark. When I saw the collection of these Christmas decorations in the store of the Huntington Library (Pasadena, CA), they warmed my heart. I knew I had to get them, because they just looked like the ones my mom had brought with us to Holland.

THE FUN: looking for a door that with my musings today





Tuesday Texture, Water World, Good Fences, and Weekend Reflection
The Balboa Park Lion fountain in San Diego




The five years before 2014 it was fun to see how many Christmas or Xmas decorations I could “pack” in one room:)
Wherever you live, you make it work! That’s more satisfying than moping around for the December celebrations!


(Sat. Six Words)

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