Short CITY Walk

My family likes to take walks, and most of them like to hike too:) When they do the latter, I often abandon them for  a quick painting.
This is a short walk with many interruptions, such as a treat, ice cream, bathroom, and more such things, because of the little ones

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Look a horse behind that fence










Underground tasting rooms 2

Underground Tasting Rooms

Depending on who says, but this could be the fun part of good random fun:)
Appropriately too, since this is

whoa, my 100th post on wordpress!
(Six words Saturday)



which reminds me on another celebration long time ago ….


OllyBday 272


Because we’re at the letter O for ABC Wed., I couldn’t resist this pic
of Ollie on his first birthday  in a couple of weeks – now 7 years ago. (don’t worry he hardly ate from his cake – just getting his hands in it was all the fun)





Harbor Reflect_2781

Reflections everywhere in the harbor (also in the windows)
On hot days we like to hang out here  by the Water side to cool off






The base of the yellow Sacramento bridge I showed earlier this year – a massive and impressive structure…







Never knew that I would miss the city lights at night, now I live in the country!
Now I textured this sky view with grain and posterize (PS) I can put my nose back to the grindstone (really, it’s more exciting than that!) of writing – paper and paper clips in every room now –





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Floral Friday, Blooming Friday, Todays Flowers and Pink Saturday


These tiny Spring flowers  I found a few weeks ago in our front yard –
aren’t they adorable?  anyone know which  flowers these are
(about 2 -3 inch)?







We didn’t have snow all winter. Then last week, when I
woke up, I see this. Are you kidding?
Pulling an April’s Fools Day on us? (when wet, the trunks
of the Acacia trees become really this red and shiny –
no photo edits!) I have been told that these trees
when burning,  can melt steel!
There’s a Dutch saying that says “April does what he wants”







On that strange day, I felt cold so I made some wheat pancakes
with bananas and chocolate chips






Modified for Mandarin Orange and Texture Twist


That’s it! We’re going to try out the stove …  for the first time
in the USA – that’s about 3 decades. The first stove, since
there was No Need for it in Southern Calif.






Black & White Wednesday





for Friday Greens & Good Fences

To my relief, the snow didn’t stay.
A virtuous tree, but stubborn!
Holding out on Spring, while others have a full crown of leaves
The tree trunks in India Ink (above I painted in Yosemite
Nat. Park with an artist who specialized in Ink paintings.





Angel of Change, Oil, © StGermain   Reflection behind me!

I have a little problem – one that artists have to deal with now.
I saw this painting used as a banner in a newsletter of a
speaker. Having heard her speak myself, I knew she
would not use something that is copyrighted, so I wrote her.
Her reply: It was on FB, from “a friend of a friend”…

A few months after I logged on to Facebook (2011) I realized
that as soon you become a member, whatever you post
is and remains their property, so  I deleted all my paintings
… I thought – if you catch the culprit, please write me -thanks!




Added some pics later this week ….



Just to assure you that that sky (sky Watch) is back to peachy keen:)





the Huntington Gardens is a great place to find reflections, and ducks and fish
Oops, I cut off the head of the statue….:)


To start with Weekend Reflection  and go on to Saturday Critters – the duck and
little lower to the right a Koy fish.


I feel alive when I learn something new every day!




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I started this post last week with the first pic, but when I discovered it would be Easter on Sunday (which is now) I first posted “The cup with Wine.”
On our first Easter Sunday in Northern California it rained! Two days later, it’s snowing for the first time in winter Spring! I so aptly titled this post  how frivolous April can be!

We went to my daughter’s family, because she moved to a new house  three days before (I blame it on the real estate agent).

Had already seen some pics on Facebook the next two days of a sunset with the comment of amazement, “I see this every day:)” After having been a city dweller for three decades, and now living in the mountains, I understand – and still have that excitement after living here for 7 months!





I feel like staying here
in the shade
with the sound
of water flowing
the breeze
fluttering the leaves
interrupted by birds chatter
and  thundering waterfall






father and son


Things to do … places to go…..

How about a pleasant place like Irvine Center …
I thought this was cute … showing fathers also have the “taking  care” gene:)
Socks off before you go running in the fountain!




Modified in PS with balance and glass effect


Admiring these flowers near the coffee place ….
when you visit Irvine Center you make sure your clothes match. You might feel
otherwise being stared at, if you know what I mean, but still …
it’s a cool place because of the bookstore, several coffee places, and
restaurants,nice clothing shops, and a fun place for kids to hang out










* Ferris wheel entertainment while you shop – only in California (chuckle)






Not many fences in the city, so am making a detour to Balboa Island to show this fence
from the street side





Even though it was rainy on Easter, by the time we got home, I had my own sunset:)





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Found a new place to work on my watercolors when the deck is in the shade. Also a good place to work on my oils, so I do not have to keep airing out the living room. Can’t wait till the art studio is done so I can leave out my art supplies and keep them all in one place!






This photo does not seem to show the finished version of this 24 x 30 Oil.
(my paintings are still packed away)

After lounging today – Sunday – it suddenly occurred to me that
next week Sunday is Easter!!
Was originally going to call this post Menage a Trois after the wine,
but I thought to share this painting with you, because of the cup with wine.
The cup seems to be so important. Right off hand I remember,

Joseph was in prison – for a false rape charge – with a baker and the cupbearer (servants of the king). He interpreted a dream of the cupbearer that he would be released from prison shortly. He asked him not to forget him and two years later Joseph was released.

The cup was also the focus when Jesus turned water into wine  – his first miracle at a wedding. The cup was also significant at the last meal before he would hang on the cross, when (I imagine) he raised the cup (paraphrased)
This is the cup being poured out for you,
and a symbol of my new agreement with you …”



Wine Bottle_0228

















Lilly (modified in Texture and color)



cloud form cross

Saw this cloud, when we were visiting Big Bear Lake with two of our Dutch friends.
It fits for this week, doesn’t it?






MyEasterBasketOpa (2)


My Easterbasket with eggs, Opa … Nana … anyone!
This is Zoe, our 4th grand child. She’s now a few years older and may be embarrassed seeing this pic – so we’ll keep it between you and me.  But she does have a good fence behind her!
(Opa = hubby  Nana = moi)



I added a pic on “Bridge of Chinese Garden” for – click here: Black and white Wed.


and wish you a marvelous EASTER!



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Became known as the Monday Night Painter



A few weeks ago I was  in the South of California where we lived previously.
Sorry for the messy pics – unavoidable with so many sprawled on the floor!

The same sunset as at the end of this post (modified and cropped
for Mandarin Orange)



If you know any artists
they are messy
they don’t care about how things look
they don’t sit on a chair or work neatly at a table|
they plop anywhere on the floor – who cares!
They can only handle short commands, like
“Start at the Corner”
No one wonders how these corners eventually come together
just go with the flow
and it will be all right. It always does!







Used to paint in the area of Laguna Niguel, close to Laguna Beach (the beach below for Wordless) where at least 30 art galleries are located.
Yes, my paintings are for sale, and please don’t hesitate to ask me. Do not wait, they are sometimes sold so quickly, I don’t know what happened.  Of course:

I keep a digital photo for prints!
I refrain from a exhibiting at a gallery, since I don’t like to hike up the prices because they need to make 50%.
















Some pencil ability needed to draw or paint this gate, because of the angle:)



About this Monday Night

Anyone who can hold a pencil is welcome to participate, work on an individual work (what I used to do) or a group project. Since I  moved up North, I didn’t know a group of artists would paint this Monday night


You can see kids (in the middle) participate too. I have taken over that view for my own workshops, that children learn faster when they are allowed to see the process of a painting coming together.
Two ladies in the front are also working on a big project, and have it draped over a table.




This actually started with a small group of about twenty, where the intent was for people to share about what happened the week before. When one after the other started bringing an instrument,  I brought my easel and canvas.  Why not?:)

In a few years this small group grew out to this one above, and I became known by them as “the Monday night painter.” It was serendipitous that I visited  while the painters had planned a painting event.




If all of this is too weird or too artist minded,
I hope you like when I end this post with a Surprise sunset
sky below and this Camellia in Huntington Library
Gardens in Pasadena.
Wish there was a comparable Botanical Garden here!






 Join me in Celebrating Spring with COLORS this week!



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Had a busy weekend! I changed my blog theme, because I got too frustrated at not being able to enlarge some of my pics. Yesterday we went to Old Town Sacramento  – a favorite place for tourists.  We used to go to Old Town whenever we visited here while we still  lived in Southern California. (This is how Southern Californians think of Northern California – people are “different” there and the culture too, lol)
We were tourists back then. Old habits die slowly!




Left the lights bouncing off from the sun and water – kinda cool


The bridge is a beautiful marker of the harbor in Old Town Sacramento. The balmy 70ties weather made us drowsy and shortened our walk significantly, just to eat a Reuben sandwich at Steamers and an ice-cream in between taking some pics.
Picked up our car from the parking garage, and drove elsewhere looking for coffee a cup of Java!



Door RefLect_9331

Reflection in window

In the Netherlands, which is my country of origin,
all houses are built with brick.
Still find this old, several stories high red brick building beautiful!





At the street, this building is protected by a sturdy gate, and below is a detail of
the morning glory growing on the wall



Morning Glory_9335






Children are not forgotten here:)


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Deerly caught! In front of our house: Mama in front of Bambi. The small Manzanita trees with the dark red trunks are common for this neighborhood. Am experimenting with themes this weekend, because I want to be able to post bigger pics.






 the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA

Why I often stay away from black and whites is because it does not give me enough structured surface, but this statue gives it all!



What are you up to this weekend?

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Black and White Sunday




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Our seven hour drive from Los Angeles to Sacramento, then East to Jackson in Gold Rush country is prettiest in Spring.  February-March is the time that the green hill sides are quite striking when in bloom.



Blooming cherry trees all along the way…
blooming later than usual
the featured  image on top tells you why
the mountain range of Yosemite in the distance
not ready yet to lose its snow cover



spring branches



Silver Store_2411















 Inspirational silver store. I like silver even more than gold. What about you? Although the cross on this door looks more like iron.




Lake Hughes

Near sunset the mountains surrounding Lake Hughes become dark and mysterious,

but these clouds!

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