HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hubby the day before Thanksgiving – celebrating it with SNOW

Tree in Fall Backyard_3476

Tuesday Texture,  Trees and Bushes, Fri. Greens

THE GOOD: my daily view

Anything artful makes me happy and thankful
the blue veil of the fog in the distance
whether it is the intricate details of the branches,
the roughness of the bark
the sun on the dark green of the pine needles
or whatever impression makes


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the simple beauty of a bloom of the Christmas cactus, although mine bloom whenever they want:)




THE RANDOM: Whether it’s a bend in the river a turkey and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving …



ModSky Fence Reflect_1932

The parasol reflected in the window …
thankful for comfort of a cup of coffee and safety (in this case fences so we won’t plunge onto the freeway below),
or a beach house like welcoming door (the next pic).



Reflectbeach Door-vine




Paaintingpassion_0017Tuesday Texture – grain & posterize –


But what if I could not share that passion and thankfulness?
(Warm Heart )



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When I finished this post Nov. 13 at least 118 people were killed in Paris by terrorists at a concert and  at some well known bars. This is in memory of the fallen. My thoughts are with them.

Chagall was the beginning of this post a few days before. His  museum is in the South of France.


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Even though Chagall is mainly a painting artist, he made three(?) stained glass mosaics about the Days of Creation.  Sadly his stunning religious works (in Nice, Fr.) are not accessible in America, because the former give a quite different impression than his works in the USA.

What I like about him: his deep, almost jarring ultramarine. On another note, someone may be famous, but at the end of the day …. A story fitting for Jenny Matlock’s new meme: Warm Heart. Chagall adored and stayed true to his wife. He painted in a very difficult time, being a Jew – True to his destiny.
That makes me feel I want to follow in his footsteps.



Door Puccini House2188

Strolling around in Lucca (Italy) we ran into Puccini’s house with his statue by the front door. He is known for Tosca, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly.




Fence Botanical SanD_7244

THE RANDOM: Beautiful iron fence  with a banana bush (?) leading up to the Botanical building in Balboa Park, San Diego





THE FUN: Knitting 2 blankets for my smallest Grands -the other is a pink 10-stitch blanket that is knitted by going around in a square.
Michaels and JoAnne’s World is the place for this yarn. Shown is the backside of the free pattern of Purlbee.com





Lilly patches in a pond made Monet famous, except for the reflection on the left, with the gray shirt:)
That I love art, does not mean I like the style of every artist. Monet, for example, does not move me one bit, and don’t think he deserves the fame he has.  My favorite music is classical, but I can’t stand Mozart’s music, it gives me a head- ache.


Since this fountain above is close to Camellia bushes in Huntington Library Gardens, a close up of a Camellia

Camellia Pink0039




StrikingSunset 276

It amazes me that a few days before the terrorists attack in Paris took place on Nov. 13 , I finished  this post that began with Chagall, who escaped Russia, and lived in France, and because of World War II moved then to the USA probably because he was a Jew.

My son (living in Holland) was in Paris to meet an American friend  last Tue. for a few days. Am very thankful they both left France in time. This friend wrote on Facebook that when they left,” it got a little scary… ” A diminutive comment, because they both had lived and worked in another risky country.

Hand Made Is The Best Bet
(Six Word Sat.)

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Leaves fall, flowers fade
trees lose their face
a pause to give my thoughts room
in giving  thanks I’ve come this far
wiping the slate clean
for new beginnings to grow
deep under the earth


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FallenFlowerinto H2O _9232




The beginning of this post – a foggy morning wrapped itself today around nature. Today (Monday): rain changed into snow at 3000 feet – bleh, too cold for California!)
THE GOOD:  fences keep us out of the ditch!



mushroom 9861

Tuesday Texture

One time my grand Peach (4 years old then) and I saw some parts of chewed up mushrooms between the trees, (probably from the deer) and told her. “Don’t touch it. You might get sick, because some are poisonous.”
Then we saw some, nice enough for a pic with my camera, and brushed some dirt off with my fingers.

“Nana,” she screamed of the top of her lungs, “Don’t touch it! You might get sick because some may be poisonous!” Difficult to keep my composure, since she was screaming as if it was her idea! Also, not expecting  a 4-year-old would quote me verbatim!




THE FUN: Every time we come over now , we are greeted with a Zestful, “I AM FIVE!”



Blue door_2787

If you wonder why I’m late in visiting you these days, Fall is a five-birthday-run,
ending the day before Thanksgiving. That means a lot of shopping:) and visits.
Also this week starting on my Christmas








Clouds not modified!

Racing along the firmament – for some, the snowman came a long time ago.Who knows, it could be Father Christmas getting all his info by looking down on us.






Have you started on your CHRISTMAS LIST?
(six words Sat.)


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‘t Was a mellow Monday on Apple Hill, where about fifty apple farms,
a few vineyards and tree farms are located. May have been the last warm and beautiful day of this year!


WEEKLY BLURB: See the three horizontal lines  with Menu (top right)? Click on it. One of the pages is ART NOTES – resurrected from my old Blogspot blog – just added a painting today – Enjoy:)


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THE GOOD:  Not only did they have apples:)
THE RANDOM: also  pumpkins, persimmons, gourds, lots of  apple pie,
and random shopping booths. Am going to try this EASY recipe
Apple Hill gave. Sorry for the cheesy pic next to it –  that’s all I have:)


AppleHill Cake_3493Apple Hill Cake

Combine: 2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup oil & 2 eggs

Add:  4 cups diced apples (Golden Delicious

Sift together: 2 cups flour & 1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. nutmeg2 tsp. baking soda

Add sifted dry ingredients to apple mix. Pour into 13 x 9 inch greased cake pan. Bake for 1 hour in preheated 350 deg. F oven. When cool, dust with powdered sugar.






pony ride_3386

THE FUN: Years ago the grands, rode their favorite pony with delight.
This one is much prettier than this filter shows, but I had to do something
about the extremely harsh green of the fence!



Orange rose 274

Even the flowers today are orange




The fishing pond was well sought after. This shady spot is easier on the eyes.




Fudge factory_3391

Next to the fish pond, a small Fudge factory, but oh such a dangerous place –
ended up with a six piece of chocolate fudge with a layer of coconut in between.




Of course I forgot to take a pic of the door of the fudge factory! Here’s one we come home to instead. So much glass that it is drafty in winter. Instead of the drab colored curtain when we moved in, I waited till the thick decorator material was 50% off, to Quicklyhaha -sew this one, plus the ones for the side lights).



Tree inSunset_3632

Actually started my post with this gorgeous sunset behind this enormous tree

A glorious end of the day!
(six Word Saturday)

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Several pics taken inside The Open Air Museum close to Arnhem (which is known because the World War II movie “A Bridge Too Far”) houses, farm life, windmills, stores, weaving, wood transportation, bridges and interior designs of houses in past centuries one can see,.
Also,  places to eat. Very fun for kids and interesting for adults to see how they lived in the past.

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GOOD: In the old days of my childhood – this street organ used to go through every street playing its music, while the owner came by with a little cup for a donation.

RANDOM: Below are pollard willows. Little short trees. When they mature, the crown rounds out. In my elementary school years I often climbed one and pretended it was my house. Water and water all around Holland, so it’s the opposite of Xeric, like in California where I live (most years we buy water from another state)

FUN: The flower BrugMan(sia), named after a typical Dutch name. In Dutch there’s a saying “He can talk like Brugman” meaning his verbal capacity is so great he would be able to do a filibuster.







Muiden SquareIMG_1701







A door of a house on the square in Muiden, a small town in the midst of Holland (Province of Utrecht). The angled white pole is for the flag.





One of the old trains in the Open Air Museum – Modified for Tuesday Texture




Not to forget all the life stock you will see in the Museum. For the life of me,
I cannot remember what these are called, but I thought this was a cool hairdo:)



NorthHolland Hek380

Not that many fences in Holland –  except for the country side. The sky often shows more clouds than here!  Sorry, a little blurry drive-by, but such a typical Dutch landscape.


 What are your favorite childhood places?

(Six Word Sat.)

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These pics were taken between Oakhurst and Jackson, CA It was so blazing hot that day, that “everything looked and “felt” Sun Burnt. Also, this drive back home on highway 49 (main highway of the Gold Rush that made “the American Dream” so famous, was kinda trippy …
because it went against what I like or admire, but nevertheless,
I found beauty in spite of my natural instincts.



THE GOOD: A blast of the past.
See that door? Wonder if it had been kicked in too many times,  and they got tired of it …



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Burnt Trees_1709
Tuesday Texture

When trees wither and die is pretty much okay with me. Not so okay with burnt trees, because often man cause the fires, except for lightening strikes of course. Noticed with this pic above  I had to restrain myself (with Photoshop) not to beautify it.
Darkened  the photo of the flower below, to fit this post and called it Sun burnt. There’s a beauty also to rugged, worn or even withered things, eh?



Sunburnt Flowers 243

Floral Friday & Fri Greens & Todays Flowers


LOW Fence_1718
Hubby had to go outside the car to have cell phone reception … so I found this beautiful rock fence.



Lake and TreesIMG_1743

We looked through the trees at this lake and saw it would be quite a walk down to the Water, and worse, back up again!




THE FUN: Discovered that it is much harder to find good reflections in rural areas. Going through Jackson-Sutter Creek – famous for the gold rush – the second hand book store.

This was an all-good day! Quite different from yesterday night. We had one of these storms where the thunder was so loud that the house shook and the sound reverberated through your body (this comes from a person – moi -who has never been afraid of lightening and thunder).
Found hubby in the living room enjoying the spectacle of (as he said), “a hundred lightening strikes.”
Guess that’s one of the difference between men and women?




Home at  Sunset when both hubby and I run across the street to get at least a few shots. This is a rare One from Cerulean Blue on top to blueish Grey, and from a pinkish peach to an orangy  Ochre on the bottom.

Is it day, night, or both?
(Six word Sat.)


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THE GOOD:  This time hubby caught me unaware – Miss Chatty looked straight into his lens while chatting with a lovely girl who  just got back from earthquake relief in Nepal. (Not my paintings above)

Below, one of my three paintings -36 x 36 inch. Oil. Above the Throne,  © StGermain

God, the creator of the universe, and the ONLY God, the one of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob (an altogether different god some call Allah)  is invisible for the natural eye, is presented here as an eternal fire. The Creator is worshiped by specific angels or worship night and day (I left off the 3 sets of wings each has). The sounds of the songs and music of worship are symbolized by the concentric rays. Whoa, I can’t wait to see and hear this magnificent happening!!

AbovetheThrone 36 x 36



THE RANDOM:  Maybe once in a few years I will not have water …
THE CHAT: (my meme, haha) in retrospect – because my work as a therapist was confidential, and I couldn’t share personal experiences which were very significant, art has been the balancing factor in sharing my thoughts and opinions about what I do. Believe me, the more serious the art, the more discussion is going on.



Also for Tuesday Texture

THE FUN: Turned this corner with a pretty grey fence above the colorful rocks to grab a Double-Double
2 beef & cheese
at “In and Out” ( a family owned franchise – big hamburgers – only a few times a year!)



For Thursday Door – I discovered this lovely challenge/meme  on wordpress…(clicking below – where all the memes are listed for this week), will take you there.


Hubby’s capture with macro lens

Because we would be gone for a week, we stashed my favorite plants at my
daughter, but forgot about the lipstick plant who just started blooming when we left.
Don’t they look Velvet-y?  When we came back they were fine :)






One big and a few little  …
(Six Word Sat.)



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Between Los Angeles and Sacramento several farmers were not able to grow their crops this year because of the drought – a sad sight, driving by their empty land … they need a solution – Urgently!

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Monday the temps in Southern Cal. Dropped significantly, and at night when going home
to the hotel the first rain drops splattered on our car window.

Was gone for a week to participate in an art show in Laguna Niguel (Southern California) –
great for new connections! All I had with me was an old IPad that was a major frustration
because I was not able to link or comment on your blogs. Nor was I able to load up pics,
luckily had access to my media file and retrieved this from Fall last year.


A simple wine red door for Thursday Doors


 Cest la vie! The rest was peachy keen though, and now I’m back on Wed. evening
to add some more to this post:)



Outside the restaurant, the many lights and reflections at the Spectrum in Irvine,
make eating a meal at the Thai cuisine a festive experience


Terence, RUN …they’re back! I don’t want my pic taken again



This fence is actually white, but because darkness began to set in,  it appears blue-ish:)

(Six Words Saturday)

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Hello Blog Friends

Am still stuck with an old IPad that is sporadic in linking, and hardly allows me to comment, so I’ll skip this week and wait until I’m back home to resume blogging like I am used to!


The beginnings of Fall season celebrating saying farewell to summer bright colors the beginnings of new learning a season of feasts and birthdays preparing for winter


TO COMMENT, click on the title of this post, and the comment form will appear on the bottom! WallFlowers_0601 THE GOOD: At Huntington Libraries in Pasadena – not your timid wall flower:)

FROM  WALL FLOWER …. and Trees with MUSHROOMS … my own impressions of Fall … we found this among the Grand Sequoias when they were burned one year in Yosemite Nat. Park. ( for Texture Tue. & Black and White Wed.)

Trre&Mushrooms_8770 statueSidemother&child3 THE RANDOM:

TO angels: Little cupids – they’re cute, but a human invention. The real angles are much more powerful. rescuing people on a daily basis:) I got into painting them when my – then teen – daughter complained that “everyone” portrayed angels as  wimpy and fragile. “Paint me a real angel, mom!” Which I did …. not knowing it would take my approach of painting into a whole different direction not focused so much on beauty, but meaning. The angels below all have different personalities and “jobs” In the painting I left the faces blank to say “anonymous …”

TO WARRIOR: One of my earliest  – 24 x 30, oil.  “Army of Light” © StGermain Remember Copy right? It means you can’t duplicate this image without my written permission

Army of LightOilPaint copy PondAuburn_1248

transfixed on barbed wire fence and reflections passing one day on our way to our 3 grands in North. CA. Left everything in the pic, because the poles are a reflection, but the barbed wire is part of the fence in front of the pond.


SunsetUnfinished 053 THE FUN: Zipping all over in California –

  • a sunset above our first house in Southern Cal. where we’ll go for an art show in the weekend. All I have is a wonky old Ipad – a loan from my daughter, because mine “died” yesterday. My big contemplation is now not the paintings I show, haha, but if we’ll get another Ipad, or shoot for a lap top – decisions, decisions!

sorry bloggie friends, this IPad does not like the “I’m not a robot images”  – I keep getting stuck there- so mr replies need to wait till I get home

Would someone  finish painting this sky…? (Six Word Saturday)

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